ORGATEC in Cologne will take place from October 22 to 25, 2024 in Cologne.

ORGATEC Cologne – The leading international trade fair for modern working environments

ORGATEC, a leading international trade fair for contemporary working environments, opens its doors in Cologne. Experience innovative concepts that shape the vision of tomorrow’s working world. In an era of digital change, work is breaking free from traditional boundaries of space and time. The future office could be anywhere, even in our imagination. It is an era that belongs to flexible, creative and self-determined knowledge workers. A work culture based on collaboration, motivation and trust is becoming increasingly important.

Against the backdrop of these developments, ORGATEC will discuss how to create workplaces that offer both freedom and structure. How can an environment be created that encourages creativity and excellence, and how can meetings become productive brainstorming sessions? The show will shed light on these questions and more, offering insights into how working environments and cultures can be reimagined in tandem.

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